Real Time Location System

Location Tracing Traceability


Allows tracking and traceability of people, animals or objects that carry BLE devices, both indoors and outdoors

Low cost

Have a real-time location system at a fraction of the cost of other competitors with WiFi or RFID-based systems

Easy deployment

Study of requirements and locations to be monitored and quick required hardware installation and configuration for its management with BTraZing

Cloud based

Simple and intuitive elements and assets configuration from the BTraZing interface with your user account

Traceability of the movement of people and objects

Bluetooth Low Energy

BLE for Location

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is based on the use of standard 2.4GHz Bluetooth radio protocols between transmitters or TAGS , which are in motion (carried by people / objects) and fixed receivers or LOCATORS distributed in the installation, which are able to identify the position of the item, with greater or lesser precision, depending on the solution configured for each project.

Location Typologies

The 3Ps of Indoor Location

There are 3 detection typologies in Indoor Location , each of which gives rise to a deployment of Locators and a different BTraZing configuration that it will apply to use cases with different location needs.


Presence detection is used to identify whether a person / object is present in an area or not. The location of the person / object within the area cannot be identified. Only if it has entered and is there or not.

PRECISION: It is / It is not


Proximity solutions identify the presence and location of people / objects in different areas or areas within a location. It allows the location and traceability of the person / object by zones.

PRECISION: 5 – 20m


PRECISION: 5cm – 1m


Two BLE technologies - Two different needs


The detection is carried out using standard Bluetooth locators (antennas), whose acquisition allows the discrimination of the position of the object / person with an accuracy of one to five / ten meters. Ideal for distribution by areas or rooms.


Locators have several antennas and use BLE Angle of Arrival * technology, which allows to know the angle of arrival of the signal emitted by BLE tags and therefore reach an accuracy of centimeters in the location of the object / person.

* QUUPPA: European leader in indoor precision positioning systems, based on BLE technology.

Btrazing elements



BLE Tags

Several types, sizes and nature BLE (Bluetooth) devices which are ported and associated to the different mobile assets to be monitored (people, objects, animals …) that continuously transmit signals to the Locators



BLE-WiFi/Ethernet gateway devices distributed in different rooms of the enclosure to be monitored, continuously receive the signals emitted by the BLE Tags and send them to the platform.


BTraZing Core

BtraZing consists of a core and listening services, capturing and storing all information coming from the Locators.

Actions of all kinds can be performed through its operation panel: configure all the required hardware elements, creation, assignment and tracking of assets (people, objects …), warnings and alarms management and interconnection with other Applications.


Location Algorithms

BTraZing has different Location algorithms (Proximity, Machine Learning & Neural Networks, Arrival Angle Trilateration), selecting in each case the most appropriate for each type of project.


Reports and analytics

The location engine provides BLE Tags presence information in real time with analysis of movements, timestamps, location changes and duration times


group of people in the lobby business center

Location of people and objects

It facilitates the location of people and objects, knowing exactly their locations in space and time, facilitating the optimization of spaces and transit places

Traceability of displacements

It shows the traceability of the movements and displacements of people / objects and their distribution over time: where they pass, where they stay longer, etc.

Presence control

It allows access controls and employee presence, hourly reports (entrances / exits), time spent in the building, and all this in a non-intrusive way, without the need for intervention by the employee


Online monitoring: Being able to know in real time the people and objects location it is possible to optimize the response and better plan the resources of organization for rescue in case of special events or disasters

Logistics: It allows to know where the monitored objects are at all times and their routes, facilitating their inventory and avoiding their loss. Nothing is lost

Resources protection through DIGITAL alerts

Surveillance areas are established generating alerts and programmed alarms based on established parameters (e.g., when an individual or object leaves the assigned area or takes too long without moving from the same place, subtraction of objects, etc.).

Software connectivity: through API with external applications for decision making and actions. For example, connection with switchboard for warning calls, connection with APPs, Email, SMS, Whatsapp …

Resources protection through PHYSICAL alerts

Surveillance areas are established generating alerts and programmed alarms based on established parameters (e.g., when an individual or object leaves the assigned area or takes too long without moving from the same place, subtraction of objects, etc.).

Hardware connectivity: control of physical actuators (relays) that allow activating / deactivating devices based on configured parameters (for example, turning off lights when no one is in a room, turning them on when a person is detected, etc.)

Use cases


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